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TLDR; as the title states, I am looking for help trying to gain weight without eating dairy (or peanuts, or alcohol) and without lactose pills.

Hello folks. Long time lurker, but this is my first post. Be gentle.

For starters, I am [26F], 5’1″, and barely 102 lbs with clothes on (plus I have long hair.) My ideal weight (where I used to be pre-dairy allergy) is 110. I have never struggled with my weight until this year, when I became suddenly allergic/intolerant to dairy (as well as peanuts and alcohol.) At my worst back in May, before I discovered my dairy issues, I was 95 lbs.

Since then I have been struggling with trying to put weight back on.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Diet plans, how often I should eat/when I should eat (should I eat at night? Should I wait to eat in the morning so as to not kick start my metabolism?), and especially what I can eat that will both A) Give me adequate nutrients and B) Give great amounts of calories, would be enormously helpful.

I have spoken to a couple Dr’s, including a nutritionist, but they mostly keep saying “oh it’s just stress just wait it out” which is extremely frustrating.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Side note, I’m not interested in taking lactose pills. I want my body to adjust to this change instead of using medication to eat what my body is telling me I should not. Just my personal opinion, nothing wrong with those who use it.

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