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Looking at the ingredients of your standard Red Bull, I don’t see anything that harmful, with exception of sugar (but there’s also Red Bull Sugarfree).

Coffeine (well… at least in coffee) was proven with proper studies to be good for heart and memory (in contrary to popular opinion) when intake is around 250-500mg of coffeine (around 3-5 cups of coffee). And big can of Red Bull has around ~150mg of caffeine in it.

Taurine is also not considered harmful for you and generally it’s agreed that it’s intake can be around 3g per day. A can Red Bull has around 2g.

And other ingredients of Red Bull also are not that crazy.

Why majority of people say that you shouldn’t be drinking it at all? If accounted into your diet, looking at the ingredients, it seems totally alright to drink big small (250ml) can of standard Red Bull everyday (to not exceed safe intake of sugar). And big can of Sugarfree version (to not exceed taurine).

I can see how other energy drinks with other, more harmful ingredients can be bad for you. But Red Bull seems alright.

Is there something that I’m missing?

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