What Candidates Care About The Environment In The 2018 Midterms? No ratings yet.

On Tuesday, November 6, Americans will head out to the polls to decide on 435 House seats, 35 Senate seats, and plenty of local measures. (This is a good time to make sure: You’re voting, right?) It’s already shaping up to be a historic race across many categories—including the environment.

The New York Times reports that a record two-dozen-plus political ads this season have highlighted candidates’ stances on matters related to climate change, across both parties. It’s about time. We’re coming off a year plagued by extreme weather events from Florida to California and ominous projections on the future of our planet. (Have you heard? We’ve lost nearly two-thirds of animal populations since 1970, and the United Nations is saying that if things don’t change within the next 12 years, there are some major agricultural and economic problems coming our way.)

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it’s hard to deny that crazy weather patterns, dying animals, and apocalyptic food shortages are things we want to avoid. So if climate change reform is something you care about, here are some resources to help you see where your candidates stand on it:

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